Work Packages

The block diagram shows all workpackages and sub-workpackages, with their interdependences and leading institutions:

To address the definition of EST, the Conceptual Design Study has been divided into the following work packages:

WP01000 Project coordination and management M. Collados & A. Pérez (IAC)
WP02000 Science requirements H. Socas (IAC)
WP03000 Systems engineering L. Cavaller (GTC)
WP04000 Optical design B. Gelly (Themis)
WP04100 Main Telescope B. Gelly (Themis)
WP04200 Auxiliary full-disk Telescope B. Gelly (Themis)
WP04300 Transfer & tip-tilt/MCAO Optics B. Gelly (Themis)
WP04400 Polarisation Optics C. Keller (UU)
WP04500 Instrument Placeholders B. Gelly (Themis)
WP05000 Optomechanics R. Volkmer (KIS)
WP05100 Telescope Mechanics
F. Bettonvil (UU)
WP05200 Primary Mirror M1
R. Volkmer (KIS)
WP05300 Heat Rejector
F. Berrrilli (UToV)
WP05400 Secondary Mirror M2 F. Tenegi (IAC)
WP05500 Optical Coatings A. Feller (MPG)
WP06000 MCAO wavefront sensing and correction D. Soltau (KIS)
WP06100 MCAO Optical Design D. Soltau (KIS)
WP06200 Wavefront Sensor T. Berkefeld (KIS)
WP06300 WF Reconstruction T. Berkefeld (KIS)
WP06400 Deformable Mirrors R. Volkmer (KIS)
WP07000 Instruments M. Collados (IAC)
WP07100 Broad-Band Imaging Channels
S. Scuderi (INAF)
WP07200 Tunable Filters Spectropolarimeters Th. Kentischer (KIS)
WP07300 Grating Spectropolarimeters A. Calcines (IAC)
WP07400 Detectors J. Díaz (IAC)
WP08000 Site characterization M. Collados (IAC)
WP08100 Short and Large baseline SHABAR A. Pérez (IAC)
WP08200 Large Field of View Wavefront Sensor WFWFS G. Scharmer (RSAS)
WP09000 Building and dome F. Bettonvil (UU)
WP09100 Pier F. Bettonvil (UU)
WP09200 Dome F. Bettonvil (UU)
WP09300 Building E. Hernández (IAC)
WP09400 Thermal control (analysis) L. Cavaller (GTC)
WP10000 Data acquisition and control I. Ermolli (INAF)
WP010100 Data flow, Display and Storage G. Cauzzi (INAF)
WP010200 Telescope control and monitoring P. Di Marcantonio (INAF)
WP010300 Instrument control and monitoring Paolo Romano (INAF)
WP010400 Dome control and monitoring F. Bettonvil (UU)
WP010500 Databases F. Paletou (UPS)
WP11000 Financial Feasibility and Socio-economic impact J. Burgos & A. Sosa (IAC)