Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory


Location: Gerlitzen, Austria

Owner: University of Graz


The main instrument at Kanzelhöhe Observatory (University of Graz, Austria), called the 'Patrol Instrument' carries 4 telescopes on a common equatorial mount: an H-alpha telescope, a white-light telescope, a Ca II K telescope, and a drawing device. The Kanzelhöhe Observatory performs high-cadence (10 images per minute), full-disk observations of the sun with a coverage of about 300 observing days a year. All images are processed immediately and made available to the science community within seconds. Additionally, in case of H-alpha flare occurrences, alerts are issued fully automatically within one or two minutes of the flare start.

In the pictures, the observatory is seen from the south showing the main building with the southern dome and in the background the northern dome. In front of the observatory there is a small dome for test purposes. The patrol instrument is in the northern dome. The observatory is located at a sea level of 1500m and has therefore to cope with cold winters and warm summers.




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