Uccle Solar Equatorial Table (USET)


Location: Brussels (Belgium)

Owner: Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)

The Uccle Solar Equatorial Table (USET), located at the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB), has 4 main instruments all mounted on a common Equatorial table all making full disk observations of the Sun. The oldest instrument is a visual telescope (16 cm refractor) for sunspot drawings that has remained unchanged since the early 20th century. In addition, there’s a white light telescope to observe the photosphere, a H-Alpha telescope to observe the chromosphere and a CAII-K (calcium) Telescope. Images are immediately processed and made available to the scientific community. Since 2007 modernization efforts of USET have been ongoing to increase the spatial resolution and dynamic range of the images.

In the pictures below you see the observatory; the tower is 10m high to avoid turbulence near the ground.

More info: http://sidc.oma.be/uset/ 



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