#TheScienceOfEST: where science and social media meet each other

The series started last year and has continued in 2019. Posts are published weekly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All EST scientists are contribuiting texts and pictures.

#TheScienceOfEST is a series of social media posts intended to draw the attention of the non- scientific community to solar physics and the importance of EST to expand our knowledge of the Sun and solar physics.

The idea behind the series is to write about highly complex solar physics topics in a way that can also engage non professionals, so their understanding about the Sun and telescopes gets enriched. These social media posts are a key activity to spread the importance of astronomy and solar physics among the general public. Typically, the posts have three or four paragraphs of text and some visual support such as a picture or a movie. They are tagged as '#TheScienceOfEST' to easily find them on the internet.

The first series of posts were published between May and September 2018. They were written by the members of the Science Advisory Group. A total of 18 posts were weekly published on Facebook and LinkedIn. The posts were seen by thousands of people (the top post reached up to 6.8K people).

The series has continued this year, starting in March 2019. This time, the posts are being written by scientists from PRE-EST and SOLARNET, and published regularly each Wednesday on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

All posts are managed and collected by a small team consisting of A. Ortiz (UiO), S. J. González Manrique (AISAS), R. Morton (NU), L. Bellot (IAA) and C. Kuckein (AIP). The series will continue for the whole year.

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