Educational resources

Resources devoted to teach solar physics and useful links and information about the research of the Sun for teachers and educators, available on the websites of international research centers.



The project Sun4all allows students to work with real solar images and accomplish scientific results. Sun4All proposes 7 different activities using digitized solar images, for different ranges of ages - from the simple counting of sunspots to an elaborate determination of the solar rotation period.

Sunspotter Citizen Science Project

The Sunspotter project aims to construct a reliable measure of sunspot group complexity. It is primarily a science project but also offers students a great way to contribute to current cutting-edge research.


NASA Sun as a Star

The Sun As a Star activities teach concepts related to the sun with opportunities for the students to investigate each idea. Most of the nine sequential activities can be completed in about one hour.


Journey to the Sun (NSO)

The JTTS curriculum consists of 6 ready-to-implement lesson packages. Each package contains a slideshow presentation, a teacher guide, and corresponding activities. (NSO is the responsible for DKIST, our sister solar telescope, currently under construction in Hawaii.).



Swedish 1m Solar Telescope Gallery

Images observed with the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST). SST is operated on the island of La Palma by the Institute for Solar Physics (Sweden) in the Spanish Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos.

Hinode movies

Images and movies from HINODE satellite taken by the researcher Joten Okamoto, from NAOJ/JAXA.

SDO gallery

Images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the first mission to be launched for NASA's Living With a Star (LWS) Program, a program designed to understand the causes of solar variability and its impacts on Earth.

TRACE gallery

Images from TRACE, a mission of the Stanford-Lockheed Institute for Space Research, and part of the NASA Small Explorer program.

SOHO gallery (NASA)

SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.

SOHO gallery (ESA)

SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.

NSO galleries

Images from the National Solar Observatory (NSO), the national center for ground-based solar physics in the United States.

HAO Gallery

High Altitude Observatory (HAO) offers a pictorical introduction on solar physics issues.



History of Solar Physics

HAO presents interesting resources as 'A History of famous Solar Physicists'; 'Solar Physics Historical Timeline' or 'Solar Astronomy in the Prehistoric Southwest'; among others.

NASA Goddard Media Studios: SDO

In this area of the Scientific Visualization Studio of NASA are available pictures, movies, and graphics explaining different subjects of solar physics, based on SDO observations.

NASA Goddard Media Studios: Parker Solar Probe

Launching in 2018, Parker Solar Probe will provide new data on solar activity and make critical contributions to our ability to forecast major space-weather events that impact life on Earth.

TRACE project

Some tools to learn more about the Sun and about the TRACE program. You'll find some basic information here, as well as links to other sites on the Web that contain more detailed explanations of solar physics.

Stanford Solar Center

History, culture, art and different resources for teachers, students and general public about solar physics and research of the Sun.

Yohkoh Public Outeach Project

The Yohkoh Movie Theater (YPOP) is designed to bring you images and movies depicting our nearest star, the Sun, as seen by an X-ray telescope that was carried on board the Yohkoh satellite. The YPOP site includes a range of activities for youngsters, parents, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about the Sun.

SoHo Clasroom

Activities and resources for students and teachers, based on data, history, science and mission of Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SoHo)

The Light Tour (Science Education Gateway)

A self-tutorial that introduces the electromagnetic spectrum through the concepts of wavelength and amplitude. Students learn to associate various wavelength ranges with different spectral bands, and can explore images from space astronomy missions in each band.

Helioviewer is part of the Helioviewer Project, funded by ESA and NASA, and is an open-source project for the visualization of solar and heliospheric data.




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