EST featured in the 2018 CCI report

The 2018 International Scientific Committee (CCI) report is out and we’re featured on the cover! Download it here or request a printed copy at cci[at]


The CCI is the international coordinating body for the telescopes located in the Canary Islands (it also allocates a fraction of their observing time). Currently, seventy five scientific institutions from twenty five countries operate their telescopes and instruments at the Teide and Roque de los Muchachos Observatories.

This annual report covers the scientific operation of facilities already in use (almost 500 papers were published in peer-reviewed journals with data obtained from the two Observatories) as well as important milestones, such as the new instrumentation added to existing facilities. It also presents the work by many research centers toward the construction of new telescopic facilities in the Observatories, including CTA-North, the New Robotic Telescope, and the European Solar Telescope, which is featured on the cover and described at length in the report.


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