Forthcoming Procurement Calls


As part of the strategic procurement plan for the involvement of the industrial sector during the construction and operational phases of EST, the EST Project Office will analyse the most modern supply chain models best-value-for-money based, as well as different options of procurement models, particularly the ones adopted in the construction of major research infrastructures.

With that purpose, the EST Project Office has produced the main guidelines for procurement and industrial involvement during the  EC contract, and the so-called EST Procurement Rules.

The EST Project Office is currently working on the definition of the main systems and sub-systems that require the implication of the industry in order to achieve the objectives of having the final design of the the telescope structure, primary and secondary mirrors support and thermal control and the heat rejecter.

A preliminary list of the EST systems and subsystems to be tendered in the near future can be found in the Forthcoming Procurement Calls document.


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