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The Science Requirement Document (SRD) develops the top-level science objectives of EST into individual science cases. Identifying critical science requirements is one of its main goals. Those requirements will define the capabilities of EST and the associated instrument suite. Therefore, they will also set the technical requirements of the telescope.

The science cases included in the SRD are not intended to cover all the science questions to be addressed with EST, but rather to provide a precise overview of the capabilities that will make EST the telescope of choice to push the boundaries of our knowledge over the next few decades. The science cases contain detailed observing programs specifying the type of measurements needed to solve specific science problems. An effort is being made to define the parameters of the required observations as accurately as possible, taking into account present capabilities and technological developments expected in the near future. The EST science cases represent challenging observations that put strong constraints on the telescope and its instrument suite. Ultimately, they will be translated into technical requirements leading to the final EST design to be implemented during the construction phase.

The SRD is being updated by the SAG and this effort is open to the wider solar physics community. The SAG welcomes contributions from interested scientists in the form of science cases including one or more observing programs. In particular, the SAG seeks new science cases that cannot be addressed with current telescopes. Observing Programs demanding specific telescope capabilities are most valuable, as they may result in additional technical requirements. The community input is expected to complement and expand the science cases already worked out by the SAG, with a view to produce the final SRD and an updated set of technical requirements for the telescope.

If you wish to contribute to the EST SRD, use the following template (you can find samples of science cases already prepared by the SAG at the SRD). Please sent it to the corresponding SAG subgroup Chair (see the section Science Advisory Group).

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